Many have asked; "How did you end up with a handle and a nickname of Vader?" - To make a long story short, it was back in the late 80's when this thing called AOL (America Online) came to life. I had dozed off on my futon in my living room one Saturday afternoon while Star Wars was playing on the boob tube. Of course this "implanted" something in my half wake mind I suppose. 
In any case, a friend called me and woke me out of my delirium and quickly tole me to turn on my modem (all 2400 baud of it) and connect with my super powerful 286 based PC and dial this phone number. No it wasn't 867-5309! That's was Jenny's number or something along those lines. 
I dialed and once connected (after god knows how many minutes) - I hear; "Welcome" - and a screen that told me to enter a username that I would like to use. I couldn't think of anything other than "Vader", and so it all started. Yes! I was the original and only Vader on AOL. And that handle stuck with me everywhere I went. All the internet world of the future got to know me as Vader. It stuck!
In any case, some might wonder; Isn't that copyright infringement? Nope. Vader is a real word. Real words cannot be copywritten. It is from a foreign language to boot. Dutch! Meaning; "father". 
Now you know.
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