Well. Somebody has to do it! When it comes to producing anything for a client, the very first thing to determine is what exactly is the message that the client wishes to transmit. This requires, in many cases, hand holding and advising on what is cost effective and what is not. As much as tech has improved and so much more can be done visually, make no mistake, it still takes time to do it right. When I pre-produce, which is 80% of the job, the client will already know or at least get a fantastic understanding of what's to come. That my friends, is the only way to fly. It doesn't matter if it's a commercial, a testimonial or a bio shot. If it is done half baked in pre-production, it will be a half baked product and won't be worth the electrons used to transmit the imagery. 
Here are a few examples of some of the work over the years from me, myself and I: 
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